NFT Marketplace


  • Indivisibility- It is impossible to divide these tokens into small denominations.
  • Authenticity- It is simple to prove and verify that every non-fungible token belongs to someone.
  • Non-interoperability- NFTs are never the same as one another. As a result, they are not as straightforward to swap as famous cryptocurrencies such as BTC and ETH.
  • Tradability- You can trade tokens on a variety of cryptocurrency exchanges. Owners benefit from better trading platforms. Capabilities are nearly limitless.
  • Cross-functionality with a variety of Ecosystems- The creation of non-fungible tokens for digital collectibles is possible, thanks to two standards: ERC 1155 and 721.
  • Liquidity- NFTs can be traded in a non-stop mode.
  • Complex Programming — Non-fungibles are associated with complicated mechanics like forging, making, and generating in many people’s imaginations. This niche offers an infinite number of possibilities and variations. It’s a fantastic place to be creative.
  • Rarity — Programmers can impose a variety of specific qualities that are impossible to change after they’ve been deployed.



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ArtSky is Utility token for used in Arts Ecosystem such as NFT marketplace, DeFI, GameFi and D-Metaverse using Binance Smart Chain Blockchain