Roadmap Q42021


  • Ideation (NFT Marketplace, GameFi, DeFi, D-Metaverse, and DeCommerce)
  • Strategy.
  • Ecosystem design.
  • Mission, Vision, Initial Strategy, Key Milestone.
  • Branding, Logo, Name.
  • Releasing Whitepaper.
  • Launching Social networks.
  • Launching official website and channels.
  • Expanding the team.
  • Token creation and development strategy.
  • Smartcontract development.
  • Website Launchpad development.
  • Early Private investor.
  • NFT Marketplace teaser.
  • Listing on Promotion website (Coinhunt, Coinsniper, Daapradar, Cryptototem etc.).
  • Launching GameFi Platform (Score Prediction and Lucky Wheel).
  • Pre-sale Phase 1.
  • Locking Dev Wallet.
  • Airdrops and Bounty Event.



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ArtSky is Utility token for used in Arts Ecosystem such as NFT marketplace, DeFI, GameFi and D-Metaverse using Binance Smart Chain Blockchain